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What can I do if I forgot my password?

If you forget your password, you can use the forgot password feature. You can reset your password by going to the My Account page and clicking the “Forgot My Password” link below on the Login tab.

Enter your e-mail address in the page that opens and click the “Get New Password” button. Our system will then automatically send you a password reset email as soon as possible.

How can I register an account on

To register as a customer on the website, after coming to the register page, fill in the relevant information and click the “Register” button. After confirming your account with the confirmation email you received, congratulations, you have successfully created your customer account!

What can I do if my account was deactivated?
Why cannot I receive the Email verification code?

If you do not receive email verification code, please check the situations below:

1. Please check if your mailbox works, or if it goes to trash/spam folder or mailbox is full;
2. Check with your email service operator to see whether they blocked the verification code email or filtered the email as spam;
3. Your email code may take up to 10 minutes to arrive (depends on your email service operator). Do not repeatedly clicking;
4. Network anomalies may cause loss of messages. Please re-submit request, use different browsers, clear cookies and try again later;

How do I delete verification phone number?
How can I buy a store on
How can I find the supplier's contact information?

To see the contact information of a store, you can go to the profile page of the relevant store and view the contact information at the top.

How do I find products/suppliers on
Can I know the product details, such as price, MOQ, shipping fee?
How do I add a product to My Favorites?
How do I post an RFQ?

An RFQ (Buying Request) is a purchase request posted by a buyer to request quotes from suppliers. You can post all detailed information of the product wanted in a buying request, and there’s high possibility that the supplier quotes you the exact items you wanted. TradeGross also has one-to-one industry specialists to match your request with the supplier, and review quotations before sending to buyers. And it is time saving compared to you searching products directly.

Request for Quotation

What are the key features of Messenger on

Messenger is an easy-to-use messaging system on that allows buyers and suppliers to communicate instantly and all communication records will be stored for future reference.

  1. Effective communication: You can send instant messages or structured purchase requests to suppliers, share documents or schedule video / audio calls to review and even review products (available on mobile devices only).
  2. Communication on the go: Synchronize all your conversations on your different devices so you can talk to suppliers wherever it is most convenient for you.

3.Real Time Translation: Recipients can send messages with Real Time Translation

  1. Simple process: Buyers can order and pay directly at the post office.
  2. Get Full Security and Protection: Secure your conversations using the Tradegross messaging system. Keep track of your contact history for added security in the event of a dispute. Communication and transaction records are extremely useful in handling dispute resolution.
How do I contact suppliers?

Once you’ve created a short list of suppliers who you may want to work with, it’s time to reach out. It may sound simple enough, but this is an important part of the process. It’s where you need to show you’re ready to do serious business, and it’s where you make sure you find a supplier you can trust.

There are several methods to contact the suppliers.
Method 1: Contact supplier on Search List page
You could click “contact supplier” button to send an inquiry to the supplier through email or you could click “Chat Now” to start chatting with the supplier in real time (Leave messages if the supplier is offline).

Method 2: Contact supplier on Product Detail page

Method 3: Contact supplier on Minisite page
Click the supplier’s company name to its minisite, click Contacts to check its contact info.

In your first message, you should always do 3 things:
1. Demonstrate that you are a serious buyer with a legitimate business
To demonstrate that you’re a serious buyer, introduce yourself and describe your business. Also make sure you’ve completed your profile and have a professional email address for your business.

2. Describe in detail the product you want to source
Provide detailed information about the product you want to source, including:
● Specifications
● Packaging
● Any other critical points (safety, branding, etc.)
● Photos

3. Ask questions to determine if the supplier is a good fit for your business
Be specific and ask questions to help narrow the field, including:
● Price per certain order volumes
● Obtain copies of certifications
● Available units/stock
● Shipment origin
● Obtain shipment dimensions and weight

In the Messages under My Tradegross on the top menu, you will be able to keep track of conversations with different suppliers. If you’re on our mobile app, you can also make use of our real-time translation feature and video chat feature  to make your communication easier.

How can I get a quick and accurate quotation?

You are suggested to follow below three tips when send inquiry or post RFQ to get a quick and accurate quotation:

1)Demonstrate that you are a serious buyer with a legitimate business.
2)Describe the product you are trying to source with as much detail as possible to ensure your requirements are met.
3)Ask questions to determine whether the supplier is a good fit for your business.

Should I communicate with suppliers outside of

When negotiating business deals, we strongly advice both parties to strictly keep their communications on Chat records will help our team make informed and fair decisions in the case of disputes.

How do I use Trade Messenger?

You can use Trade Messenger to find suppliers on You can click”contact supplier” to send an inquiry or click “chat now” to start real-time communication.

Web Trade Messenger

Web Trade Messenger allows you to instantly communicate with suppliers. You can view your entire chat history within the last 365 days. Web Trade Messenger is automatically launched when you click “Chat Now”.


Message Center

Messages Center is a communication management portal that gives you an easy and efficient way to track your messages on You can also use Message Center to manage your inquiries, quotations and orders with suppliers all in one place.


Trade Messenger for Desktop

You can add Trade Messsenger for Desktop to your home screenand receive message notifications instantly without opening your browser. Click the link with Chrome browser, and ensure that chrome is the latest version (V76 or above).


In order to receive replies from suppliers instantly, we suggest downloading mobile App. You can utilize the real-time translation and video chat features  to make your communication easier.

What should I do if I have language barriers with suppliers?

You can download App to use Messenger’s AI translator to trade with foreign suppliers, which supports up to 12 languages now.

How do I place a Trade Assurance order?

How do I place a Trade Assurance order?

Both buyers and suppliers can place a Trade Assurance order. For buyers, there are three ways to place a Trade Assurance order:

Method 1:
1. Find a product or supplier that offers the Trade Assurance service.

  1. Click ‘Start Order’on the product detail page or on the supplier’s minisite.




Method 2:

Click ‘Order with Trade Assurance‘ on the homepage to place an order. You can then choose to “add products” or “add contract” directly.

Method 3:
Go to “orders” > “All Orders” and click Draft Trade Assurance OrderYou can then choose to “add products” or “add contract” directly



After you submit your order, the order status will change to “waiting for supplier to confirm order.” After the order has been confirmed, you can make the payment.
You could manage your order on Order Management page.

How do I pay for Trade Assurance order?
How do I pay for Trade Assurance order?

We currently accept the following payment methods for Trade Assurance orders:

Credit Card
Online Bank Payment
Online Transfer
Western Union
Pay Later

If you are unsure of how to process your payment, please click on your preferred method above to learn more.

Note: If you pay via a method not on the list or directly to supplier’s personal account, the order will NOT be protected by Trade Assurance service.

When will I receive my order?

When will I receive my order?

It depends on the shipping method you use. You could check the shipping status with your supplier. If the shipment was sent by express, you could track the shipment on 17TRACK with tracking number.

You can confirm goods receipt manually in the order system whenever you receive the goods.

If you do not confirm receipt manually within certain time as below, the system will confirm automatically.

(i) by express: 15 days;
Note: If system detects the shipment is still on the way after 15 days, it will extend the delivery time for 10 days more. In case the shipment is delivered within the next 10 days, system will confirm receipt immediately.

(ii) by air freight: 30 days;
(iii) by land transportation, sea freight or postal parcel: 60 days;
(iv) from overseas warehouse: 10 days.

Please note that you can still apply for refund up to 30 calendar days after you confirm goods receipt.

How does Trade Assurance protect my online transaction?

How does Trade Assurance protect my online transaction?

Trade Assurance is’s order protection service, which ensures your product is produced to the quality you expect, paid for securely, and shipped on time. If it’s not, customer service representatives are there for you through the dispute resolution process — from investigation to mediation and reimbursement.

While disputes are uncommon, the unexpected can happen so it’s good to be prepared, and make sure upfront that your order will be protected by Trade Assurance. Here’s how:
●Ensure you are working with a supplier covered by Trade Assurance (Look for the icon).
●Keep all your conversations with suppliers on rather than speaking on private third-party apps. That way, we can use the chat history as evidence should there be a dispute.
●Create a Trade Assurance contract on (or ask your supplier to), and make sure to include product quantity, product specifications, and shipping information. Depending on who is arranging/responsible for transportation and insurance, make sure the correct incoterm is reflected in your Trade Assurance contract. If you are arranging your own transportation (EXW, FCA, FAS, FOB), please make sure the shipping fee section is left blank as freight charges will be collected separately. Have attachments of your specifications uploaded to your Trade Assurance order so can refer to them in case of a dispute.
●Make a secure online payment using credit card, T/T, Online bank payment, Online Transfer etc.

Should you see a problem, immediately file a dispute and will step in after case escalation.

Note: The period within which you can file a dispute with your supplier may vary depending on the shipment method in your purchase contract, but it shall not exceed 30 calendar days after the date of confirmed receipt of the products.

How do I open a dispute for my Trade Assurance order?
How long does it take for me to receive the refund for Trade Assurance order?
How to cancel a dispute for the Trade Assurance order?
How do I return products to the supplier?

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